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"Dear XXX, good evening. Is my 18th birthday in two days. In order to celebrate my adult, my mother as I do a small party at home. I sincerely invite you to attend. Party time is this Saturday at 7 PM. Hope you can come and cel...

Say man ay ushers, deacons, lock the do' [singers - repeat in background of Intro w/ ad libs] (I love, to give you light) [Intro: Snoop Dogg] Geah, first of all Givin honor to God, and all the ministers on the pulpits Ushers, d...


xxx japanese mother and her son 日本母亲和她的儿子

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My school day Hi,I’m xxx. I'm 13 years old and I study in xxx Middle School. My school is ...Every morning I get up at seven and...

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