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talk sth with sb 与某人谈论某事 talk about sth with sb 与某人谈论某事。

he likes talking about books.

talk to 对某人说话 例句: Don't talk to me about that fellow. 别跟我谈起那个家伙。 He stopped to talk to me when seeing me. 看到我的时候,他停下来和我说话。 It's often helpful during an illness to talk to other sufferers. 病中与...

当然有!括号里的说法不正确。 Mary talked to John about the professor. We Talked to John Green and Paper Towns' Halston Sage about high school do-overs, terrible kisses, and big adventures. ......

讨论某事 为你解答,如有帮助请采纳, 如对本题有疑问可追问,Good luck!

We are talking about the story with our teacher. 我们在和老师谈论这个故事。


没有 应该是talk about sth with sb 和某人谈论某事 因为talk是不及物动词,所以后面不能直接跟宾语,要加一个介词。 明白了么?

Yes, you can. e.g. talk about yourself! talk about her mother. 如果你是想别人告诉你sth.. You can say "Tell me about your classmate!"

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