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offshoot是分支、衍生的意思 offspring是后代(多指人或生物)的意思 不一样的

set off the firework 和 shoot off the firework 什么区别? 参考答案: set off the firework 是燃放烟花 ; shoot off the firework 也是燃放烟花的意思。 但是 shoot off 有“向上”的意思。set off 仅有“放”的意思。差别很细微。 祝您快乐,...

"Everyone's a hero... till you shootoff a leg or two."Upon using Smokescreen"Lights out.""Lights out!""All in.""Bettin' blind.""Bettin' blind...

We got on in Sydney and we got off in Alice Springs, right in the ...In 1925, they passed a law which allowed people to shoot the animals if...

相当于中文的 换位思考

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