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低挫 i have tell a liethough reluctanly.頁焚担吭房 宸鞘三嗤屈倖危列。 tell 匯倖個葎 told ╋簡狛肇蛍簡咀葎頁頼撹扮。 reluctanly憧亟危阻富阻倖t。 I have told a lie, though reluctantly 埋隼音秤垳 厘珊頁傍姿阻。

tell a lie賜tell lies

頁ゞBad Day〃頁Daniel Powter 蟹議。 bad day 栖徭Daniel Powter!!2005定MTV天巖咄赤襲戻兆恷煮仟繁竃徭廨辞ゞDaniel Powter〃!!2005定蕃鞠哂忽署茨及5兆宸遍梧瓜辛笥辛赤僉葎鴻御傚勧爆。 厘断恷俶勣挫塰議扮昨万壓陳戦Where is the momen...

You tell me don't lieYou work at a smile and you go for a rideYou had a bad dayThe camera don't lieYou'reing back down and you really don'...

BGM abbr. 嘘尚咄赤Background Music 利大瞥吶 嘘尚咄赤(Back Ground Music) 僮滅酌篇卩 咄赤(Bassline Garage Mc And Rap)

梧爆兆:Tell Me Lie 梧返:Nu Virgos 廨辞:l.m.l Tell Me Lie Nu Virgos L.M.L. Sorry for my love. I am sorry for my grief I do everything around you trying to comfort your belief. Sorry that my hope is still flashing in my soul I fe...

あのですね、唖措?直さん Ano desu ne, Araragi-san [You see, Araragi-san] 講呟と 冱う の は 冱う わ ば 玲岬 Y なんです よ Kaii to iu no wa iu wa ba buttai ura nandesu yo [In a way, the supernatural is what¨s happening behind th...

do you like to tell a lie? 低浪散傍姿宅

Tell Me A Lie Can't ever get it right, no matter how hard I try 音砿厘奕N適薦珊頁氏吾音峡 And I've tried 趨拝厘厮将晦編狛阻 I put up a good fight 厘鶏啾丘森 But your words cut like knives 徽低議三餤琴嘔姿彬繁 And I'm tired...

tell a lie 傍姿; 剞冱; [哂][tel ə lai][胆][tɛl e lai] You want me to tell a lie? 低誨厘簸姿

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