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某某老师 (或 某某先生) 您好: 我因某事(写清你请假的理由)(写清时间,哪一天或几号)无法来上课(或上班),特向老师(或先生)请假(N,这里写清请假的天数)天,请老师(或先生)批准为盼。 ——请假人:某某 ()年()月()日

XXX:(领导的尊称) 我因***(为什么请假的原因)故于____年____月____日至____年____月____日(请假起止时间),请假____天(请假具体时间),请批准。 请假人*** 日期****.

通过邮件向领导申请休假按照可以在邮件内委婉的写明休假原因,希望领导批准,然后附件附上请假条。 写请假条需要注意下述事项: 1、时间上:提前写 要请假,提前写请假条几乎是所有企业对员工请假的明文(或默认)要求; 当然,如有特殊情况,临时...

题目写“Leave application To: 你上司的名字,职位(manager) From:你的姓名 Date: May 17th,2010 Subject: Casual Leave of Absence Dear Mr./Mrs, 你上司的姓最好放在此。 There is a very important process in which I have to return...

Hello Mr/Ms 老板名 My apologies for notifying you on such short notice. However, due to some familiy and personal business, I will be away from September 5th to September 16th. yours sincerely, 名

尊敬的某某老师或者某某领导: 您好! 由于我有什么事情要处理,或者生病了,需要请几天假(具体几天),望老师或者领导批准。 发件人:*** 日期:

您好单位事假请假条格式如下 事假请假条 XXX(主管领导的名字或者主管部门.等): 我因外出旅游,于XX年XX月XX日至XX年XX月XX日,请假XX天,请批准。 请假人:XXX 年 月 日 PS:只要把请假事由、请假时间、请假人等必要事项写上就行了。不用整太复...

Dear sir: I need to apply leave on the 20th and 21st of May, as well as the following week 24th to 27th. I am applying the leave because I need to return back to school to carry out my final year dissertation question and answe...

一般学校都有最迟入学时间,你晚到一个星期应该没问题. Dear Sir or Madam: My name is *** and my student number:****.i applied **** in our university which starts in the 1th ,Sep.2010. because i couldnt get the appropriate airplane ...

Dear Sir, Can I please ask for a leave on 8th June morning because I have something emergent to deal with and I need to go back to school to handle it, could you please grant it? Thank you in advance.

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